Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for the West finally arrived earlier this year through the PS4 version well after it debuted in Japan. Falcom’s newest mainline Ys game is now also available on PC and Nintendo Switch with a recent patch adding improved visuals on PS5 through backward compatibility. With the game being available on so many platforms, I wanted to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you find the best version for your specific use case by covering the visuals, price, performance, features, options, and more available across PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Here’s what you need to know about Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on all platforms.

Ys IX Monstrum Nox on PS4 and PS4 Pro

Ys IX debuted on PS4 platforms in Japan and saw patches improve the performance following the rocky launch. Having played the original Japanese release on PS4 day one, the current version available is a lot better on PS4 Pro at least with near perfect performance in dungeons and fluctuations in the city of Balduq. Ys IX, unlike Ys VIII, was not built for any portable and was developed specifically for PS4 platforms from the start. It definitely felt like the game needed more time in the oven and I’m glad patches managed to improve the performance. 

Ys IX on PS4 Pro (early game)

In its current state, Ys IX is great on PS4 Pro but still has issues on base PS4 when it comes to performance. Both versions are a big step down performance wise compared to the rock solid Ys VIII. The other issue with the PS4 version on PS4 and PS4 Pro is the image quality. There are a lot of aliased edges and the draw distance is pretty poor. The original Japanese version looked and felt like a bad Nintendo Switch port when running around in the city of Balduq. While performance has been improved, the visuals are still sadly not as good as they should be on PS4 systems. Ys IX is available for $59.99 or Rs. 3,499 on PS4.

Ys IX on PS5 (early game through PS4 backward compatibility)

Ys IX Monstrum Nox on PS5

Ys IX for PS4 got patched to add 4K support when played on PS5 and it made a huge difference. A lot of my image quality-related complaints were addressed with this and it even supersamples when played on a 1080p display. Ys IX on PS5 already sorted out all the performance issues from the PS4 and PS4 Pro version so it was great to see Falcom address image quality as well. Ys IX for PS4 when played (patched) on PS5 is a fantastic experience. The biggest complaint I have with it is still the draw distance when it comes to the technical aspects. Ys IX on PS5 is available through the PS4 version played via backward compatibility.

Ys IX handheld vs docked on Nintendo Switch (early game)

Ys IX Monstrum Nox on Nintendo Switch

Having seen how Ys IX looked and ran on PS4 across its updates and even with the most updated version, I was most curious about how it felt on Nintendo Switch. Ys VIII, while better than PS Vita, was not as good as it should’ve been on Nintendo Switch. Ys IX on the other hand, mostly gets the job done in a lot of parts of the game but suffers greatly in Balduq during exploration. This port has been developed by Engine Software who also handled Trails of Cold Steel III and IV on Nintendo Switch. The PS4 Pro performance problems in Balduq are a lot more pronounced here through draw distance, slowdown, frame drops, and pop-in near the player. Despite that, my experience has been better than that playing Ys VIII overall on Switch. 

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Ys IX on Nintendo Switch is also the only portable version of the game while Ys VIII has PS Vita, Nintendo Switch (including all the PS4 content), and an upcoming mobile version from another developer. If you played and enjoyed Ys VIII on a handheld and want to continue playing these games on the go, Ys IX gets the job done. Just keep in mind the technical aspects vary quite a bit depending on which part of the game you’re playing but it mostly was good in combat and dungeons. Exploration in the city where you spend quite a bit of time is where you will have the most issues. Hopefully some of these issues can be sorted to some degree through updates. Ys IX is available on Nintendo Switch for $59.99.

Ys IX on PC with a higher FOV option

Ys IX Monstrum Nox on PC

Just like Ys VIII’s big update that fixed the game, Ys IX for PC has been ported over by PH3 Games. PH3 Games has consistently delivered fantastic Falcom PC releases and Ys IX might be the most impressive one yet for me because of how much better than the console versions it is. Not only do you get a scalable release that even runs on very dated laptops, but the image quality issues are completely eliminated. The only complaint I have with Ys IX on PC is the draw distance and pop-in issues still being present regardless of the settings used. It is still above the PS4 Pro version but is noticeable. 

While the console versions including the PS4 version on PS5 are limited to 60fps, Ys IX on PC supports up to 144hz and you will have no trouble running it well above 60fps even on slightly older hardware once you spend some time in the display and graphics options. Ys IX will be available for $59.99 on PC or your regional equivalent through Steam.

Which platform to buy Ys IX on for the best price

This is likely going to be PC because of regional pricing. If not that, a retail discount on the PS4 version is the most likely to be the cheapest for you. Nintendo Switch is so far the most expensive given import prices in some countries and the fact that it is just launching with no digital discount for the base game unlike the PC version through other storefronts on PC.

Which is the best version of Ys IX for portability

Only the Nintendo Switch version can give you this natively unless you own one of the GPD devices that let you play PC games on the go natively. There is no PS Vita version of Ys IX. Only get Ys IX on Nintendo Switch if you value portability over everything else. Avoid the Nintendo Switch version if you want to play on TV and have access to other platforms with the game.

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Which is the best version of Ys IX for frame rate 

If you own a PS5, it offers a near-perfect 60fps experience with small drops or frame pacing issues only in parts of Balduq. If you own a PC and a high refresh rate display, the PC version can go up to 144hz and is easily the best version right now.

Which is the best version of Ys IX for graphics

The PC version followed by the PS4 version played via backward compatibility on a PS5 are the best looking versions of Ys IX. The Ys IX PC release compared to the PS4 Pro and PS4 versions of the game reminds me of the difference between Trails of Cold Steel when I first tried it on PC after playing it on PS Vita and seeing how it ran on PS3. 

Which version of Ys IX has the most features

Unlike Square Enix releases that see more gameplay features only on PC sometimes, Ys IX has the same feature set across the board. Ys IX on PC does have a lot of visual options to improve and scale the game to suit your needs across different hardware.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. Stay tuned for my full reviews of the PC and Nintendo Switch versions. Read my Ys IX PS4 review here.

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