Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak from Capcom is finally here on Nintendo Switch and Steam. I’ve been playing the expansion for review on both Switch and Steam. Read my review of the PC version here and Steam Deck performance review here. As with Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduced many new mechanics and features to the game. Many of these include quality of life improvements. If you’re curious about layered armor for Master Rank gear in Sunbreak and more, this guide will help you out. As the title suggests, this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Master Rank layered armor guide will let you know what you need to do to unlock MR layered armor at the smithy and more.

How to unlock Master Rank layered armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once you finish the Sunbreak story campaign, you will have to reach MR10 as your next objective. Once you do this, you will unlock the Anomaly Research: Arzuros quest. This is the first postgame quest in Sunbreak. Once you slay (you cannot capture it) the Arzuros, you will earn Outfit Voucher+ (rarity 8). You need these to unlock the ability to forge Master Rank layered armor in sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo and DLC Layered Armor – how to use the new layered armor

If you have amiibo or bought the DLC, the armor will be available from the mailman by claiming add-on content.

monster hunter rise: sunbreak deluxe edition kit

Hopefully this Master Rank layered armor unlock guide helped you with details on what you need to unlock MR layered armor at the smithy and more in Sunbreak on Switch and PC via Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out now on Switch and Steam worldwide.