Sony and Sucker Punch just announced a brand new update for the excellent Ghost of Tsushima. If you’ve not played it yet, read our Ghost of Tsushima review here. This Fall, Ghost of Tsushima will get a free online co-op mode called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends on PS4. This mode has been designed exclusively for co-op play and supports between two to four players. This includes friends or randoms through matchmaking. The mode features multiple playable classes and is completely separate to Jin’s campaign in Ghost of Tsushima. Watch the reveal below:

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends playable classes

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has four playable classes. They are:

  • Samurai
  • Hunter
  • Ronin
  • Assassin

Do you need PS Plus for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends?

You need an active PS Plus subscription to play Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

In two player mode, you will be able to play select story missions together with increasing difficulty. Four player mode includes wave-based survival missions including a raid. More information about Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be revealed in the near future. Check out all our coverage for Ghost of Tsushima including our guides here.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends releases this Fall on PS4 and is free for existing owners of Ghost of Tsushima.

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