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PS5 PS VR Wireless Headset Patent Discovered

While Sony’s existing PS VR headset will work with the PS5, it appears that the next-generation variant may be the one to get.

PS5 Release Date Announcement Masks Layoffs at Sony

PS5 release date and specifications announced as Sony laid off employees in a bid to restructure for the next generation of consoles.

Will All PS4 Games Work on PS5? This Is What Sony...

Sony holds off on details of PS5 backwards compatibility with PS4 games, here’s why.

PS5 Release Window and Specifications Detailed By Sony

Sony outlines when you can expect the PS5 release date, specifications, UI, DualShock 5, and more including its CPU and GPU.

Microsoft CEO on PlayStation Cloud Gaming Deal: “We’re Dependent on Their...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shed light on the company’s approach to cloud gaming as well as its deal with Sony.

PS5 Set to Repeat Mistakes of PS3: Report

PS5 price, specs, games, and features may just borrow from Sony’s PS3 strategy according to a recent report.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Specifications are ‘More of the Same’: PlatinumGames...

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett specifications mean little to PlatinumGames Boss Atsushi Inaba.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility to Make PS4 Games Run Faster According to...

PS5 backwards compatibility details in Sony patent bring good news for PS4 fans.

Every Japanese Game Release in February 2020

Every Japanese game release date for February 2020 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android, PS Vita, and Xbox One complete with trailers.