Bandai Namco Entertainment just released a new trailer for Code Vein ahead of its release next month. The Gamescom 2019 trailer has some new footage and confirms a demo for both consoles. Watch the Gamescom 2019 trailer for Code Vein below:

Code Vein demo release date

The Code Vein demo release date is September 3 for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC demo has not been announced yet.

Code Vein PS4 and Xbox One India price

Code Vein for PS4 and Xbox One is available for pre-order on Games The Shop for Rs. 3499. As of now, no pre-order bonuses have been mentioned on the retailer’s listing for Code Vein. This is Rs. 500 more than the PC price of Rs. 2999 on Steam for India.

Code Vein PC, PS4, and Xbox One pre-order bonuses

  • Code Vein X God Eater Weapons: The Blanched Greatsword, Cerulean Spear and Crimson Longsword; three of the fan favourite weapons from the successful Bandai Namco’s series God Eater are making their way to Code Vein.
  • Blood Veil Ogre ‘Venous Claw’: Venous Claw is an exclusive type of Blood Veil Ogre; a devastating short-range weapon that’ll prove a Revenant’s best friend in their fight against the lost.
  • Accessory Set: Coming with a brand-new blood code ‘Harbinger’ for special character stats; exclusive communication stamps for multiplayer’s coordination and customisation options to make one’s Revenant truly shine.

Code Vein releases on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with the first two seeing a retail release while the PC version is digital and only available on Steam.

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