Square Enix just released Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music worldwide. Unlike the limited edition soundtrack, the digital version will not include the bonus tracks. As of now, the album is just rolling out worldwide so it might not be fully available in your region yet. Square Enix confirmed a digital soundtrack release on Twitter. The iTunes Store has had issues with a few album releases recently where the purchase button is either missing or bugged out. It looks like this might be the case for Final Fantasy VII Remake as well on iTunes in some regions. The other albums got fixed in a few hours. Watch the trailer for the soundtrack below:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack on iTunes

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack is available on iTunes right now here. Each song is priced at $0.99 in USA or Rs. 15 in India. The album is $33.59 in USA and Rs. 450 in India on iTunes.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack on Google Play Music and Amazon Music

The album is also available to purchase in some regions on Google Play Music, Google Play Music (USA) Amazon (USA), Amazon (UK), and Amazon (DE).

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PS4. Read our review here.

Update: Added relevant information since the iTunes version has rolled out in most places worldwide.

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