With the PS5 having backwards compatibility, it’s only natural that Sony would want to take advantage of its improved hardware. Aside from the faster loading times that it debuted in an exclusive interview with Wired, it appears that a recently updated patent regarding PS5 backwards compatibility goes into detail on what else can be expected.

“The performance of an application on a new device may be closely matched to the performance of that same application on the legacy device by tuning the operating parameters of the new device,” reads the patent. These conclude clock frequencies, instruction launch rates, and the like. Developers would be able to test and optimise their games for backwards compatibility without having to modify its existing code.

“This process may be repeated until the operating parameters are set optimally for the application on the new system. To further optimise, one can adjust the execution of the new hardware to see if the application can be run faster on the new hardware without causing it to fail.”

This could indicate that PS5 backwards compatibility would take advantage of its better specifications to emulate games like they were on the PS4 with developers being able to tweak performance without having to touch the game’s code. What this could also imply is, much like the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, we could see PS4 games added to the PS5 with backwards compatibility in a staggered fashion.

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