Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases worldwide beginning this Friday. Dragon Quest Builders 2 builds (no pun intended) on the base laid by the original Dragon Quest Builders to be a more robust and cohesive building experience that borrows from more than just Minecraft and Dragon Quest. We’ve been playing it over the last few weeks and here is everything you need to know including our preview:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 platforms

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the same day. The PS4 version is published by Square Enix while the Nintendo Switch version is being handled by Nintendo.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 price

Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4 is available for Rs. 2999 at retail as a pre-order. The digital version costs Rs. 3499 and there is also a deluxe edition that includes the season pass and more digital content for Rs. 4799. The Nintendo Switch version is not releasing here officially so it will be available on your eShop of choice for $59.99 (Rs. 4200 approximately) or the regional equivalent.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 International release date

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases on July 12 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch digitally and physically worldwide. The India date for retail has been delayed.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 India release date

As we posted about it earlier, Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PS4 will release on July 16 physically while the digital release date lines up with the rest of the world.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo

There is a free demo for Dragon Quest Builders 2 on both PSN and the Nintendo eShop that you can download today. It lets you transfer the save but only to skip the tutorial for the game. Nothing more.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

We’ve played through the demo on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch a few times and have been playing the final game on PS4 Pro. Read our thoughts on where to buy it here.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 new features

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has a lot of new features like multiplayer options, no weapon durability, a glider to fly across areas, no island or chapter based progress reset, and more.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 deluxe edition contents

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game and the Season Pass which has DLC that will be sold separately alongside some extras like Designer’s Sunglasses that is exclusive to the Season Pass.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 pre-order bonuses

If you pre-order the base game or the Deluxe Edition, you get the following extras:

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 theme
  • Stackable Slime Recipe
  • Sun Sigil Block Recipe
  • Star Sigil Block Recipe
  • Moon Sigil Block Recipe
  • Water Sigil Block Recipe
  • Soul Sigil Block Recipe
  • Ornamental Medicinal Herb Recipe
  • Dragon Quest Logo Recipe Recipe
  • Ornamental Chimaera Wing Recipe

Dragon Quest Builders 2 multiplayer: Does it need PS+ or Nintendo Switch Online

Yes, the multiplayer requires a paid online subscription on whichever platform you play on.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 download size

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 download size is 2.54 GB.
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Nintendo Switch download size is 1.4 GB. These sizes do not include any post launch DLC or patches.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Day One Patch notes

A patch for Dragon Quest Builders 2 arrived a few days ago and you can read about the patch notes here.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4 Pro preview

The first Dragon Quest Builders release on PS4 and PS Vita was much more than a Minecraft clone. It took the building and crafting aspects of Minecraft and blended those with Dragon Quest very well. It had some issues like the chapter based structure that annoyed many people and with how combat didn’t feel great. The lack of multiplayer in a game like this was also a glaring omission. The sequel aims to rectify the faults of the original and it arrives on both Nintendo Switch and PS4 at the same time.

Based on the first 10 hours of play on PS4 Pro, Dragon Quest Builders 2 fixes every problem the first game had and offers a lot more. This release caters to a very specific audience. If you’ve found yourself getting bored of Minecraft with the lack of direction, Dragon Quest Builders 2’s story driven structure and RPG lite elements are perfect for you. It borrows nicely from the key mechanics of crafting focussed games like Harvest Moon and blends it all in with the building from Minecraft and is topped with a Dragon Quest skin that includes sound effects, enemies, music, and more.

In terms of combat, not taking damage when you bump into enemies and not having to worry about not just durability but also inventory switching is great. You now have a dedicated weapon slot and button. This makes combat actually feel good and not something tacked on since Dragon Quest monsters were part of the experience. The first island in the game that is part of the story has a focus on farming. This involves building your farm, growing crops, and using those crops to either heal or cook for the villagers.

We will have a full review for the game closer to release.

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