SNK just revealed a brand new trailer for The King of Fighters XV after another Twitter tease. Today’s character reveal with gameplay is Leona Heidern. Seiko Yoshida voices Leona in The King of Fighters XV. So far, SNK has revealed Mai ShiranuiKingShermie, Joe Higashi, Iori Yagami, Benimaru, Kyo KusanagiChizuru Kagura, and more for The King of Fighters XV ahead of its 2021 release date. The full roster for The King of Fighters XV that has been revealed so far is below the gameplay trailer. Check out the original trailer here. Watch the Leona gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XV below:

The King of Fighters XV roster

The King of Fighters XV characters confirmed so far are below:

  • Shun’ei
  • Meitenkun
  • Benimaru Nikaido
  • Kyo Kusanagi
  • Iori Yagami
  • Chizuru Kagura
  • Terry Bogard
  • Andy Bogard
  • Joe Higashi
  • K’
  • King
  • Leona Heidern
  • Mai Shiranui
  • Yashiro Nanakase
  • Yuri Sakazaki
  • Shermie
  • Chris
  • Ryo Sakazaki
  • Robert Garcia
  • Leona Heidern

The King of Fighters XV is in development for a 2021 release. No platforms have been confirmed as of now.

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