With the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date of July 19, video game tech analysis site Digital Foundry took a deep dive into what you can expect from Team Ninja’s answer to Diablo 3. And if you were expecting a technical marvel (sorry), think again. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s frame rate and resolution is far from acceptable. Despite a day one patch, it appears that this Nintendo Switch exclusive falls short. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 resolution in docked mode on the Nintendo Switch is 1080p though it does dip well below that on occasion, dropping to as low as 720p in busy scenes.

In handheld mode, things aren’t that much better with the resolution fluctuating between 720p and 540p. As for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 frame rate, it targets 30fps though there are dips to 20fps which are more frequent in handheld mode. You can check out Digital Foundry’s detailed breakdown of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 here:

It’s a disturbing result for what should have been a slick summer Switch showcase. Hopefully Team Ninja and Nintendo issue a patch to fix these concerns sooner rather than later. And speaking of late, that’s when you can expect the game in India.

If you were looking to buy the game at launch without resorting to parallel imports or the Nintendo eShop, think again. The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date for India has been delayed.

Late last month, retailers Mcube Games and Games The Shop listed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for pre-order for an exorbitant Rs. 4,999 alongside Super Mario Maker 2. Previously listed for a July 19 release, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will now be available from July 23 according to a recently updated listing on Games The Shop while Mcube Games has updated its listing to July 22.

What this means is if you were looking to buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ‘officially’ you won’t be able to do at the same time as the rest of the world. We’ve reached out to Games The Shop for comment and will update the story if we hear from the company.

That said, we’d speculate that the reason for the delay has to do with where these copies may be sourced from — the Middle East. July 19 is a Friday, which for the region is the equivalent of Sunday for the rest of the world. Although either site don’t mention which region their stock is from, if they’re from Middle East countries like the UAE, that would explain the delay.

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