Onion Games’ Moon: Remix RPG Adventure released on Nintendo Switch following its reveal during the Nintendo Direct in Japan. Moon originally released on the PS1 and finally saw an English release through the Nintendo Switch version in the West last year. Moon sees a young boy sucked into the TV through an RPG and he aims to restore the moonlight in the world. Today, Onion Games announced the release date for not just Moon, but also the shooter Black Bird for PlayStation platforms. Moon is also coming to PC via Steam with a PC release date to be announced soon. Watch the official English trailer for Moon on PS5, PS4, and Steam below:

Moon physical release for PS4 and PS5

Moon got a physical release in Japan for Nintendo Switch. Following that, there have been no announcements for an English physical release on any platform.

Watch the trailer for Black Bird’s original release below:

Black Bird physical release for PS4 and PS5

Black Bird for Nintendo Switch got a physical release through Limited Run Games but nothing has been announced for PS4 and PS5 yet.

I enjoyed Black Bird a lot on Nintendo Switch and can’t wait to replay it on PS5 soon. I haven’t finished Moon on Switch yet but will be checking it out on PS5.

Moon is out now on Nintendo Switch. It releases on December 16 for PS4 and PS5. Moon is in development for PC via Steam. Check out the official Moon website here.

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