As we stated in our Final Fantasy VII Remake review, Square Enix’s reimagining of its 1997 classic isn’t a short game clocking in at around 30 hours for getting to the end of its critical path. While there’s no new game plus — a mode which lets you tackle the story from the beginning with all the gear, experience, and materia, there is a wealth of postgame content. Here’s what you need to know.

Final Fantasy VII Remake postgame content

  • Hard difficulty is unlocked: items can’t be used and HP is restored at rest spots. Certain manuscripts are only available with this setting.
  • Chapter Selection is now possible through the Main Menu.
  • Play Log is now viewable in the Main Menu under System.
  • Bonus EXP and AP: you now earn twice as much EXP and three times as much AP.
  • New combat simulator: accessible via Hojo’s Lab when you choose Chapter 17 from Chapter Selection.
  • Skipping the bike mini-game through the pause menu.

Naturally all this is accessible after finishing the game for the first time on any difficulty setting.

For what it’s worth, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a welcome return to form for Square Enix’s long-running franchise. Check out our review, detailed guides for its combat and mini-games, as well as everything else you need to know about the biggest RPG of 2020.

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