Ghost of Tsushima has a July 17 release date and if you checked out our review, you’d realise it has a pretty good photo mode. The Sucker Punch-developed PS4 exclusive has an exhaustive set of features for most virtual photographers. Here’s everything you need to know about Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode.

How to activate Ghost of Tsushima photo mode

Simply press right on the DualShock 4 d-pad to activate Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode. This pauses the action, allowing you select an angle, objects you want to focus on, and more.

Ghost of Tsushima photo mode controls

  • L2: down
  • R2: up
  • Left analogue stick: move
  • Right analogue stick: orbit
  • Triangle: show or hide options
  • Circle: exit photo mode

Ghost of Tsushima Photo Mode features

Like most Sony-published PS4 exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima has a wealth of options to toggle and tweak for the perfect shot. They are as follows:

  • Tracking shot: press X to set position
  • Focal length : 19mm to 300mm
  • Roll: -180 to 180
  • Depth of field: can be set to ‘off’ or choose a value between f/493 to f/1.4
  • Focal distance: 2.6m to 200m (press Square to toggle autofocus)
  • Colour grading (Ghost of Tsushima photo mode filters): none, vivid, b/w, b/w vintage, storm, autumn, samurai red, smoke, maple, ginkgo, tintype
  • Colour grading intensity: can be set to ‘off’ or choose a value from 100 percent to 0 percent
  • Exposure bias: default is 0, range is from -5.0 to 5.0
  • Particles: none, red leaves, yellow leaves, bamboo leaves, orange leaves, green leaves, cherry blossoms, pampas pollen, ash and embers, fireflies, dragonflies, butterflies, crows, song birds
  • Particle intensity: can be set to ‘off’ or choose a value from 100 percent to 0 percent
  • Wind speed: 0 to 44
  • Wind direction: 0 to 352
  • Clouds: this feature depends on the time of day and weather, values range beyond -1,000 to 1,000
  • Time of day: you can set the hours, minutes, and seconds anytime you want
  • Weather: current, clear, fog, heavy fog, sunbreak, overcast, rain/snow, heavy rain/snow, thunder
  • Animated environment: on or off
  • Jin emotion: current, angry, confused, dead, disbelief, disgusted, fearful, happy, enraged, intense, kissing, neutral, sad, surprised, whistling
  • Helmet/mask: show or hide
  • Cinema bars: off or on
  • Stamp: off or on
  • Music: Jin Sakai, Lord Shimura, Ghost of Tsushima, Masako Adachi, Bushido, Kodoku, Seion, Seiiki, Shurai, none

Ghost of Tsushima is Rs. 3,999 in India ($60 in the US) and is available for pre-order at retailers both online and offline. There are multiple editions to choose from which you can read about here.

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