Astro’s Playroom from Sony’s Japan Studio (Asobi Team) was included with every PS5 as a free game that not only showcased the DualSense features but also was a love letter to PlayStation history. I enjoyed my time with it when I reviewed the PlayStation 5. Read my review here. One of the highlights of the game is Kenneth Young’s soundtrack. Kenneth Young’s Tearaway soundtrack was amazing and his work in Astro’s Playroom is brilliant. The official PlayStation blog also has early versions of the catchy GPU Jungle song. Check it out here. Watch the Astro’s Playroom trailer below:

Astro’s Playroom soundtrack release date

The Astro’s Playroom (Original Video Game Soundtrack) releases digitally on March 12.

Astro’s Playroom soundtrack download on iTunes and Spotify

You can buy the Astro’s Playroom soundtrack on iTunes here. It is priced at Rs. 170 in India. It should be available on Spotify on the same day.

Astro’s Playroom soundtrack vinyl release

As of now, only a digital release has been announced. Considering the soundtrack for Astro Bot Rescue Mission got a vinyl release, I imagine one is being planned for Astro’s Playroom as well.

Astro’s Playroom is now available on PS5.

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