With the Death Stranding release date of November 8 fast approaching, the world’s top PlayStation trophy hunter Hakam Karim says it would take players around 150 hours to obtain the Death Stranding platinum trophy. Karim’s been playing the game pre-release and claims that the 150 hours can be cut down with the help of a guide. There are no missable trophies either. And yes before you ask, Karim has unlocked the Death Stranding platinum trophy. He also states it’s a rather easy “3/10” on the toughness scale to earn.

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تقيم بلات دث ستراندنق الصعوبة ٣ من ١٠ الوقت ١٥٠ ساعة .. اصير اقل اب دليل الي هو guide. مافي اي تروفي تقدر تفقدة يعني مافي missables العب على راحتك استمتع باللعبة بعدين ارجع سو التروفي. Death stranding platinum review Plat difficulty 3/10 Time to plat on average 150h can be shortened with a guide. No missables Play and enjoy then come back for cleanup. . . . #playstation #ps4 #gaming #gamer #bahrain #videogames #review #hakoom #ps4share #platinumtrophy #gamingfolk #deathstranding #kojima #gamingguy #البحرين #السعودية #قطر #الكويت #الامارات #العاب #منوعات #تقنية #عمان #العراق

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It’s an interesting approach for Kojima Productions to make earning Death Stranding’s platinum trophy a smooth ride. We’ve seen this with other big AAA games like Spider-Man too. Hopefully the trend continues with more high-profile releases.

In our Death Stranding review we rated Hideo Kojima’s latest to be his best yet scoring it a near perfect 9.5/10. Find out why in our review.

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