Death Stranding from Kojima Productions is finally here on PS4 and PS4 Pro across the world after a long wait. Read our spoiler free review of it on PS4 Pro here. Here are some tips to ensure you have a stress free time in the opening hours of Death Stranding when you try and connect the world.

Death Stranding deliveries: how to get the best score and highest rating

Death Stranding is all about delivering packages to connect the world and Sam has a limit to how much he can carry. To ensure Sam doesn’t fall or trip often, make sure you pay attention to his balance by holding L2 or R2 or a combination of both to manage weight. Adding anything to your cargo load will change Sam’s centre of gravity making it harder to move quickly. If you aren’t sure about the weight, try walking around near a safe area to get your bearings in before setting out on a long journey that might be dangerous. You can check the weight limit while loading up cargo in safe houses or in the cufflinks. You can also auto-optimise while loading up cargo and equipment. These mechanics don’t just exist in a vacuum. Rather, you’re rated on each delivery which impacts your overall level in the game as well as your relationship with the person you’re delivering to. Ensuring a package reaches its recipient undamaged in the fastest possible time is crucial in allowing you to access new gear as you progress through Death Stranding.

Death Stranding’s Odradek Terrain Scanner explained

The world of Death Stranding is breathtaking but it is also full of areas that are difficult to traverse on foot. This is where ladders and other points of interest like dropped cargo come into the picture. There will often be points of interest like hot springs or items in the world you can use to make your journey go smoother. Use your Odradek Terrain Scanner by pressing R1 at anytime. It even highlights surfaces with appropriate icons for risk levels.

How to heal in Death Stranding

If you lose too much blood in Death Stranding, movement will become harder and you will be more prone to fall down. Eat a cryptobiote to restore blood level. You can find them across the map by scanning with R1.

How to rest in Death Stranding

You can also restore blood level as well as your stamina by resting. Hold O when you find a place to rest. You can also take a nap by holding Square on the controller. 

Avoid Timefall by finding sheltered areas in Death Stranding

Timefall accelerates the flow of time and renders your cargo more susceptible to damage, giving you a lower delivery rating. Try and find a safe area to avoid staying in contact with timefall for a prolonged period of time.

Death Stranding BTs: how to survive till you get weapons

The game has a lot of not so subtle cues to indicate when a BT is near. For one, the game goes into slow motion for a moment as your Odradek points in the direction of the BT. You should first scan your surroundings. Any grey pixelated forms are BTs so you’d best avoid going in that direction. Pay attention to your immediate vicinity too. If you see footprints pop up it means that the BT is close to you. In this instance hold R1 to make Sam hold his breath because BTs (Beached Things) cannot see Sam but can sense him. Crouch and walk slowly to avoid being detected by BTs so they don’t pull you under. Eventually you’ll gain weapons like hematic grenades to deal with them. Early on however, it’s best avoiding them altogether.

Death Stranding exploration tips

Use markers on the map to draw out a route for you to follow when you need to get to a specific location. This will help a lot because while gorgeous, the world of Death Stranding isn’t a walk in the part. Always check the potential fall height by going into compass mode by holding down L1. If the display turns red, the fall is dangerous so keep that in mind before you try anything when you aren’t sure of a drop. 

Fast travel in Death Stranding explained

Fast travel in Death Stranding works differently compared to other games. For one, it unlocks in the game’s third chapter after around 10 to 12 hours of play time. Secondly, you can’t fast travel to every point of interest. Instead, you’ll be able to teleport to private quarters usually found in Knot cities and distro centres or safe houses that you or other players have built. However the most important aspect of this feature is the inability to carry your gear with you. From hematic grenades to mission critical deliveries, they’ll all be left in the locker of your private quarters or safe house when you decide to fast travel from there. Something to keep in mind if you thought you could use it to zip across Death Stranding’s sprawling map effortlessly.

Support other players in Death Stranding

If you find a point of interest like a leftover ladder setup that helps you cross a river, make sure to leave a like to ensure other players know that this helped you. Likes aren’t currency but just help other players know when something is worth looking into. If you see a bridge with a lot of likes, it is probably worth looking into.

Help other players by putting up signs in Death Stranding

If you spot something interesting while exploring, remember to put up a sign by holding down L1 and pressing Triangle. You can use this to let other players know about a specific area or item location.

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