Prior to the Death Stranding gameplay debut at TGS 2019, Kojima Productions released a story trailer for the PS4 exclusive. Officially known as the Death Stranding Briefing Trailer, it consists of cinematics aplenty, it sheds light on Death Stranding’s story, character motives, and more. You’ll don the role of Sam who is tasked with reconnecting the USA or UCA as it’s known in the game.

It features Amelie (Lindsey Wagner) who appears to be the leader of the US. Sam (Norman Reedus) as well as Die-Hardman (Tommie Earl Jenkins) also play a part in it with the latter running Bridges, an organisation seeking to reconnect the nation. In the trailer, Sam is asked to run a rescue mission in the West Coast with Amelie using holograms and stop-motion toy soldiers to explain the situation. You can watch it right here.

It’s great that Hideo Kojima and his team released this trailer now as it makes the entire premise and plot a whole lot more understandable.

Death Stranding is out on November 8 for PS4.

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