Back in September, Clouded Leopard Entertainment announced a localization of Demon Gaze Extra for release this month. Demon Gaze Extra is an enhanced version of Kadokawa and Experience Inc’s Demon Gaze coming to the West on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Demon Gaze Extra has improved visuals and gameplay elements to be the definitive version of the PS Vita dungeon RPG classic. The original saw a localization through NIS America. Today, Clouded Leopard Entertainment announced (via RPGSite) a delay for Demon Gaze Extra. No reason was given for the delay. Watch the Demon Gaze Extra trailer below:

Demon Gaze Extra physical release and editions

As of now, Demon Gaze Extra is not announced to get a retail release. It will be priced at $59.99 for the standard edition on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch and $79.99 for the Digital Premium Edition on PS4. There will be a $65.99 Digital Deluxe Edition available on Nintendo Switch as well.

Demon Gaze Extra pre-order bonus

The digital editions include the Perfect Jewel Set and other essential DLC items as a pre-order / early bird bonus. A package version is mentioned but I assume this is for Asia only since Clouded Leopard Entertainment is yet to release a physical game in the West.

Demon Gaze Extra releases on January 6 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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