Ahead of its launch on June 1 worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PC, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is now Steam Deck Verified by Valve. This change happened less than an hour ago for all games and was spotted by The Mako Reactor reader Mor. This is great news for those who were planning on playing the trilogy on Steam. If you’ve not kept up with it, Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection features remasters of the first three Etrian Odyssey games in the form of Etrian Odyssey HD, Etrian Odyssey II HD, and Etrian Odyssey III HD. The games in the collection will also be sold individually and will be released with new features and improvements. Watch the newest gameplay trailer for the collection below:

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection features

  • Survive a vast, labyrinthian forest on the edge of a peaceful village in Etrian Odyssey HD, journey to a floating castle in the sky in Etrian Odyssey II HD, and be transported to an oceanic paradise and rumors of a drowned city in Etrian Odyssey III HD.
  • Touch screen mapping functionality for the Nintendo Switch: Plot your progress through the labyrinth, drawing walls and placing icons to note special events and resources
  • Newly remastered graphics, remastered soundtrack and quality of life improvements, including difficulty selection and save slots
  • Easy access to the Monstrous Codex, quest log and skill tree
  • Maximize your adventuring by optimizing your party, and choose the character classes that work for your playstyle

Pre-orders are now live. Check it out on Steam here. Check out the official website here. The pre-order bonus includes portraits from Persona 5, Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei, and more.

Etrian Odyssey Origins collection launches on June 1 for Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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