Final Fantasy 16 is out now worldwide on PS5 after a long wait. The game is massive, and there’s a lot to keep in mind when you play it. Read my Final Fantasy 16 PS5 review here. Having finished the game and already put in a good amount of time into New Game Plus, I wanted to help new players with the basics. This Final Fantasy 16 guide will cover unlocking a Chocobo, the side quest you need, how to ride a Chocobo, and more.

How to get a Chocobo in FF16 – what side quest is needed?

You need to look for the side quest titled “The White-Winged Wonder” denoted by a green (+). This isn’t available from the start of the game, but you can do it later on as well. You will need to look for the NPC standing near a Chocobo. In my case, I did it around “Martha’s Rest”.

Once you talk to him, you need to go to the location denoted on the map and defeat the bandits. Once you slay them, you will see a some Chocobos approach with a familiar face.

How to use the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

Once you’ve finished the quest, you can hold R3 to summon your faithful Chocobo Ambrosia. You can ride Ambrosia by holding X to mount. The on-screen controls on the bottom right will vary based on your control scheme.

Final Fantasy XVI core development team

  • Producer – Naoki Yoshida (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, DRAGON QUEST X, DRAGON QUEST: Monster Battle Road)
  • Main Director – Hiroshi Takai (FINAL FANTASY V, SaGa Frontier, THE LAST REMNANT)
  • Creative Director & Original Screenplay – Kazutoyo Maehiro (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XII, THE LAST REMNANT)
  • Localization Director – Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XI Online, FINAL FANTASY VII Dirge of Cerberus)
  • Combat Director – Ryota Suzuki (DEVIL MAY CRY 5, Dragon’s Dogma and MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 (All published by CAPCOM))
  • Character Design – Kazuya Takahashi (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XI Online, FINAL FANTASY X)
  • Composer – Masayoshi Soken (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, Nanashi no Game series, Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (Published by Nintendo)

Hopefully this Final Fantasy 16 guide helped you out in the early hours of of the game. You can see all my Final Fantasy 16 coverage here. Check out the official website here.

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