After Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered released on Nintendo Switch physically through the Twin Pack, Final Fantasy IX got a physical release for Nintendo Switch as a standalone release. Final Fantasy IX for Nintendo Switch saw a physical release in Asia only from Square Enix and this import release has been put up for pre-order by retailer MCube Games. Since the game doesn’t have any DLC, there isn’t any problem with buying this release as of now. Watch the Final Fantasy IX Nintendo Switch trailer below:

Final Fantasy IX Nintendo Switch physical edition release date and price

Final Fantasy IX is priced at $20.99 on the eShop digitally. That is around Rs. 1,544. The physical release is priced at Rs. 4,299 at MCube Games here. It releases on December 21 in India through MCube Games. The box art shown is not an error and Square Enix actually used horizontal art for a vertical game cover.

This new release of Final Fantasy IX is out now digitally on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms. The physical release is out beginning December 21 in India for Nintendo Switch.

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