Square Enix just announced the Final Fantasy XIV Forge Ahead Arrangement Album. This album features piano and band arrangements of various songs including To the Edge and Flow. The album releases this November physically and digitally with two in-game item codes. Square Enix will have a lot to announce for the game at this year’s Fanfest. We just had Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45 go live as well. Watch the promotional videos for two songs from the Forge Ahead Arrangement Album below:

Final Fantasy XIV Forge Ahead Arrangement Album in-game bonus item codes

The album includes the following codes:

  • In the Balance (Amanda Achen Vocals) Orchestrion Roll
  • Dedicated to Moonlight (Forge Ahead: Band) Orchestrion Roll

Final Fantasy XIV Forge Ahead Arrangement Album tracklist

PIANO COLLECTION Arrangement & Performed by KeikoBAND ARRANGEMENTS Arrangement & Performed by THE PRIMALS
Carrots of Happiness
What Once Was
Dedicated to Moonlight (Instrumental)
The Labyrinth06Black Steel, Cold Embers
In the Balance (Instrumental)
Dedicated to Moonlight
Close in the Distance
Hic Svnt Leones
To the Edge
White Stone Black
Flow Together
Dedicated to Moonlight (Amanda Achen Vocals)
In the Balance (Amanda Achen Vocals)
The Nautilus Knoweth (Acoustic Version)
In the Balance
Athena, the Tireless One

Check out the box art below:

You can pre-order the album on the official Square Enix store here in NA and here in EU.

Check out the official website for this album here.

I’m interested to see what Square Enix does to celebrate A Realm Reborn’s launch and whether it pays some tribute to 1.0 in the current version of Final Fantasy XIV. We will likely learn more about this and also see the reveal of the next expansion at the Fanfest. I hope the next expansion gets a physical release since the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV has not gotten a retail release yet.

Final Fantasy XIV is out now on PS5, PS4, and PC platforms worldwide.

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