At a recent Nintendo Direct, Forever Entertainment showcased Front Mission 1st Remake and announced Front Mission 2 Remake. Today, the publisher announced the Front Mission 1st Remake release date, price, and revealed that a gameplay trailer is coming tomorrow with pre-orders going live in two weeks. Front Mission 1st Remake has you piloting Wanzers in tactical turn-based combat. Watch the new trailer for it below:

Front Mission 1st Remake physical release

As of now, a physical release is yet to be confirmed. The Front Mission 1st Remake release date will have it available digital-only as of this writing.

Front Mission 1st Remake price and pre-order on eShop

Front Mission 1st Remake pre-orders go live on November 16 and the game is priced at $34.99. There will be a 10% off pre-order discount.

Front Mission 1st Remake, like prior Forever Entertainment remakes is launching on only Nintendo Switch. It is unclear if this is coming to other platforms or not eventually, but it is launching just on Nintendo Switch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit Steam and other consoles in the future though. Hopefully a physical release for Switch is announced as well. Check out the official website here.

Front Mission 1st Remake releases on November 30 worldwide.

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