With the impending Ghost of Tsushima release date of July 17, developer Sucker Punch Productions has stated how long it would take to beat the game. In a recent interview with Brazilian games website Voxel (via VG247), Ghost of Tsushima Creative Director Nate Fox claimed it would take you between 30 to 50 hours to finish the game depending how far you stray from its main quest line.

Interestingly, Fox also stated that Sucker Punch’s testers played it for six and a half hours a day but didn’t complete the game as they were sidetracked by Ghost of Tsushima’s additional content.

Set on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, Ghost of Tsushima has you in the role of Jin. He’s a samurai tasked with learning a new fighting style called the way of the Ghost in order to fight for Japan’s independence. There are two editions for it in addition to the standard version of the game. Details below.

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition India price

The Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition will be priced at Rs. 5,999 according to sources in the supply chain. Expect pre-orders to go live soon. It includes the following:

  • SteelBook case with the game
  • In-game Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin
  • Charm of Hachiman’s Favour
  • One technique point
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Digital mini art book

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition India price

The Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition price is yet to be confirmed though it could be in line with The Last of Us Part 2 CE price of Rs. 10,990. It includes the following:

  • Replica mask with individually-numbered display stand
  • Sashimono (war banner)
  • Traditional-style furoshiki (wrapping cloth)
  • 48-page mini art-book by Dark Horse
  • Artistic rendition of the game’s world map on cloth
  • All items in the Digital Deluxe Edition
  • SteelBook case with the game
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