While the Xbox Series X third-party games reveal received little fanfare, Microsoft’s next Xbox Series X games event that would feature first-party exclusives like Halo Infinite has a date. While the Redmond-based company is yet to announce one, reports suggest July 23 is when we’d see more Xbox Series X games.

According to Video Games Chronicle, the Xbox Series X games event is slated for the week of July 20 citing “sources” with July 23 being the exact date. This was hinted by Windows Central’s Jez Corden as well with a tweet suggesting July 23 as well. Expect Halo Infinite gameplay as well as reveals of what Microsoft’s many studios have been working on for the next-generation of gaming.

While games are going to be front and centre, it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft announces a price and pre-orders for the Xbox Series X. With rumours of an August reveal for the Xbox Series S, perhaps the company will wait. It makes sense when you consider that the price of Xbox Series X will determine the value of Xbox Series S which is pegged to be the cheaper option versus Series X’s full-fat next-generation experience without compromises.

Recently, Microsoft has been talking up Xbox Series X features like Smart Delivery and backwards compatibility, to the point where it has even divulged what to expect when you play older games on the new console.

“We’re also looking at areas where in select titles we can actually double the frame rate without actually breaking the way the game actually plays and then we have things at the platform level like auto HDR support where we can actually retroactively apply HDR to games that were written well before HDR was even created,” explained Xbox Series X Director of Program Management Jason Ronald. “So even games like Geometry Wars or even Fusion Frenzy from the original Xbox that’s almost 20 years old, seeing those games running in HDR – it really brings a fresh perspective to those games.“

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