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Xbox Scarlett Frame Rate Target Is 60fps: Phil Spencer

While the next Xbox codenamed Xbox Scarlett doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, Xbox head Phil Spencer gave us an idea of what we can expect in terms of specifications. This time around, there’s a focus on 60fps gameplay and backwards compatibility with Xbox One peripherals like controllers.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud, Google Stadia Are ‘Years and Years’ Away from...

Don’t expect Project xCloud from Microsoft or Google Stadia to beat out the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett anytime soon Phil Spencer claims.

Microsoft CEO on PlayStation Cloud Gaming Deal: “We’re Dependent on Their...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shed light on the company’s approach to cloud gaming as well as its deal with Sony.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Not on the Xbox One Due to...

No Final Fantasy 14 Xbox One release date? Blame Microsoft.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Specifications are ‘More of the Same’: PlatinumGames...

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett specifications mean little to PlatinumGames Boss Atsushi Inaba.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Its Last Set of Game Additions...

Final list of Xbox One Backward Compatibility games includes a few interesting Japanese titles from the Xbox 360 library.

Xbox Game Pass PC Games Pricing and Games List Revealed Ahead...

Full Xbox Game Pass PC Games list and pricing revealed ahead of Microsoft's event.

Xbox E3 2019 Sale: Best Japanese Game Deals

Xbox E3 2019 sale is on and here are the best games to buy.

Every Japanese Game Release in October 2019

Every Japanese game release date for October 2019 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One complete with trailers.