The Xbox Series X and Series S India pre-orders went live from September 22. And while the Xbox Series X sold out in 15 minutes on Amazon India and eventually Flipkart as well as Reliance Digital, it appears that one retailer is cancelling some of its Xbox Series X pre-orders.

According to readers of The Mako Reactor, Reliance Digital has been cancelling some Xbox Series X pre-orders with would be customers being notified that it won’t be delivered on time. It wasn’t just our readers either, Indian Video Gamer reported the same with its pre-orders. Reliance Digital’s customer support team informed buyers that delivery of Xbox Series X consoles on release date is not guaranteed due to unavailability of stocks. Interestingly, Amazon India and Flipkart are yet to confirm if any orders would be cancelled.

Sources familiar with Reliance Digital’s plans confirmed to us that the retailer overestimated its quantities, taking around 100 to 150 Xbox Series X pre-orders on September 22 before checking if it would get that many consoles to begin with. We reached out to the company for comment and will update this story if we hear from it.

While Microsoft India does not comment on quantities per region or retailer, it did not give us a date as to when Xbox Series X India pre-orders would resume either, telling us that “nothing is confirmed yet” over email. This would suggest that the sum total units for the country were limited to begin with.

That said, the allotment of Xbox Series X consoles was always on the lower side with five to six Xbox Series S for every Xbox Series X. This was known during the week pre-orders went live.

Although some may feel shortchanged by the Xbox Series X’s short pre-order availability window for India, it’s more than what we got from Sony. Despite being the market leader, there’s been no clarity on a PS5 release date for the country let alone price or pre-order information, though this may change, assuming Sony India is able to overcome its current PS5 trade mark debacle in the country.

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