Microsoft has had problems keeping up with demand for its recently launched Xbox Series X and S consoles, to the point where Xbox boss Phil Spencer has apologised for shortages that could last until April 2021. And while it may be tough to find an Xbox Series X and S in parts of the world, finding the Xbox Series X is next to impossible in India, even if you paid upfront for one on launch day — November 10. Yes, almost one and a half month ago.

Several readers of The Mako Reactor have reached out stating that their Xbox Series X orders placed at official retail partners Amazon India and Flipkart on November 10 have yet to be shipped. In some cases, orders have been straight up cancelled citing “logistical issues”.

“I received a very weird call today from Flipkart where they asked me to cancel my order because the seller won’t be able to ship due to ‘logistical issues on the seller’s end’,” reads a post from one Redditor. I told them that I won’t be cancelling and she hung up. This whole thing has left me very disappointed and I don’t think I’m ever going to see this console in my hands. If they indeed screw up this order I’m definitely going over into the PS5 camp. Let’s see what happens… But I’m not very optimistic now.”

When we had reached out to Microsoft regarding a possible Xbox Series X restock by January 2021 we were told that “only partners / retailers can give you this information” regarding when it would be available next.

So when can you buy an Xbox Series X in India? Multiple retailers based in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai have confirmed to The Mako Reactor that they are not getting Xbox Series X stocks until February 2021. According to them, Microsoft’s lead distributor Redington has said that it won’t be available until then.

If you have already ordered an Xbox Series X via Amazon India and Flipkart, you may be in luck though. While the retailers we spoke to were confident on not receiving any stock until February 2021, they also told us that majority of Redington’s stock for January 2021 will be given to Amazon India and Flipkart. Hopefully it means pending orders will be fulfilled soon enough. We reached out to Redington for comment and will update this story if we hear from the company.

For what it’s worth we stated in our Xbox Series X review that Microsoft’s latest and greatest console is far from perfect but there are still more than enough reasons to consider buying it as long as you can find one.

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