Square Enix’s Live A Live is finally releasing globally next week on Nintendo Switch as an HD 2D remake. The original game never released outside Japan back in the. Live A Live includes different protagonists, time periods, gameplay styles, and more. Today, Square Enix released the Live A Live final trailer ahead of its launch next week. If you missed the recent behind the scenes video for the theme song Go Go Steel Titan featuring a performance from the legendary Hironobu Kageyama, read this. Live A Live final trailer below:

Live A Live demo download

You can download the Live a Live Switch demo here.

Live A Live demo save data transfer

Save data from the Live A Live demo transfers to the full game next month. Pre-orders are now live here.

Square Enix continues to impress with every new showing for Live A Live. The Live A Live theme song sounds great as well. I’m looking forward to playing the full game soon. Square Enix is looking to have a very strong next few months with Valkyrie Elysium, The Diofield Chronicles, Dragon Quest Treasures, NieR Automata for Switch, and more.

Live a Live releases on July 22nd for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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