Update: Added Steam price.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure from Onion Games released on Nintendo Switch following its reveal during the Nintendo Direct in Japan. Moon originally released on the PS1 and finally saw an English release through the Nintendo Switch version in the West last year. If you haven’t played it yet, Moon sees a young boy sucked into the TV through an RPG and he aims to restore the moonlight in the world. Today, Onion Games has released Moon on PS4 (and PS5 through backward compatibility and not a native release despite the prior announcement mentioning PS5) and Steam. The Steam version didn’t have a release date announced initially, but it is out now on Steam. Watch the official English trailer for Moon on PS5, PS4, and Steam below:

Moon PS4 price

Moon is priced at $18.99 with a PS+ discount bringing it down to about $17 on the PS Store. The Steam price is the same while it has regional pricing for India at Rs. 519.

Moon features for PS4 and Steam

In addition to trophy support for the game, the PlayStation 4 version of Moon includes a toggle setting to turn off the game’s filtered graphics, letting players experience the game in its original visual style. As of now this hasn’t been confirmed for Steam, but I imagine it will be included.

Moon is out now on PS4, Switch, and Steam worldwide.

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