After stating that the Nioh 2 Special Edition will not be making it to India, Sony has informed retailers on Wednesday that it will have an official India release date of March 13, same as the standard variant . The last minute confirmation of the Nioh 2 Special Edition for India is odd when you consider that Sony had not given game stores any information prior, going as far as to say only standard editions of the game were coming to India.

While this late change of plans does shake things up a bit for consumers and retailers alike, it appears that the Nioh 2 Special Edition has already landed in India along with the standard edition stock.

Multiple sources in the supply chain speaking to The Mako Reactor have confirmed that there will not be any delay in the Nioh 2 Special Edition making it in stores as it’s already at Sony’s warehouses. Listings for it are up on MCube and Games The Shop. Here’s what you get with it.

Nioh 2 Special Edition contents

Nioh 2 Special Edition India price is Rs. 5,999. It will be available in North America and Europe as well. The special edition contains the following:

  • Nioh 2 game on disc
  • SteelBook
  • Artbook
  • Season Pass code
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