Nintendo just released the Pikmin 4 demo download on the eShop worldwide following it being announced at the recent Nintendo Direct. Pikmin 4 launches next month for Nintendo Switch, and today’s new demo lets you sample a decent amount of the game with save data carrying over to the final game. Nintendo also announced that digital purchases and codes redeemed on the North America eShop will include double gold points. Watch the new Pikmin 4 overview trailer below:

Pikmin 4 demo download link

Download it here in North America and here in the UK.

Pikmin 4 demo download size

The demo download size is 4.8GB.

Check out the official Pikmin 4 website here.

Pikmin 4 gameplay and features

  • Meet Pikmin: small, plantlike creatures with distinct abilities that you can grow, pluck, guide, and overpower enemies with! Use your Pikmin’s miniature might (and a bit of strategy) to explore this mysterious planet in search of your crew—and treasure.
  • Lead your loyal and curious squad: To succeed, you’ll have to balance caring for the Pikmin with leading them into dangerous situations. Do your best out there.
  • Grow: Pikmin grow from pellets and wildlife that you can bring to your ship. Pluck them from the ground to have them join you. Go team!
  • Guide: Lead your squad through vast explorable areas to find treasures, discover new paths, and battle enemies of all sizes. You can also direct the Pikmin to collect and carry resources that are helpful for your mission. Up to three Pikmin types can be with you in the field at a time—the rest will hang back until you need them.
  • Gather: When their task is done, the Pikmin will wait in place for you. Get close and blow your whistle to summon them to your side! This handy action can also help you protect the Pikmin from danger, do a headcount, or simply bring them with you to your next task.
  • Collect resources: Treasures are a great source of Sparklium, the mysterious element that powers the S.S. Shepherd. You can also collect raw materials that are handy for construction in the field, or build new equipment to make exploring more manageable.
  • Rescue Command Post: Take your time to prepare for the day’s excursion! You can chat with Rescue Corps members and castaways, accept side missions, and build new equipment to assist you on your expedition. You can also choose to go on Night Expeditions from here.

Pikmin 4 releases on July 21 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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