Pokemon Home is Nintendo’s cloud service for the Nintendo Switch and compatible Android and iOS devices for its Pokemon games. It allows fans of the long-running franchise to link the same Nintendo Account to the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of Pokemon Home, allowing players to access the same Pokemon on multiple platforms. Essentially, you can move Pokemon between games and trade them on the go. Nintendo revealed on the Pokemon Home website crucial details surrounding its release date, the Basic and Premium plans, and more.

Pokemon Home release date and India launch

The Pokemon Home release date is a somewhat nebulous February 2020 window. No exact date has been specified yet. It’s also unknown if India will get the mobile app time with the rest of the world. Nintendo’s handling of the region for its mobile games has been shaky at best. Super Mario Run made it day and date but Pokemon Go took six months and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp didn’t make it at all. Considering the Nintendo Switch does not have an official presence, don’t hold your breath for an India launch for Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home price

The Pokemon Home Basic plan is free to all. Upgrading to the Pokemon Home Premium plan will cost you $2.99 for one month (around Rs. 210), $4.99 for three months (close to Rs. 350), and $15.99 (roughly Rs. 1,140) for one year. These are the prices via the Nintendo eShop excluding tax.

Pokemon Home Premium vs. Basic plan

The Pokemon Premium plan lets you move Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank while the Basic plan does not. In addition to this, the Pokemon Premium plan lets you deposit upto 6,000 Pokemon versus the Basic’s 30, let you place 10 Pokemon in the Wonder Box versus the Basic plan’s three, allow you to participate and host room trades as well as grant you access to the Judge function. The number of Pokemon you can place in the GTS at once is three in the Premium plan versus the Basic’s one.

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