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The Pokemon Company and Game Freak just announced and released version 1.1.0 Daybreak update for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Alongside the announcement for Pokemon Legends: Arceus update version 1.1.0, we had a detailed look at what to expect in the trailer from Pokemon Presents that also had two new Pokemon games announced. If you’ve not kept up with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, watch a gameplay showcase video here. Watch the Pokemon Legends: Arceus 1.1.0 update trailer below:

Pokemon Legends: Arceus version 1.1.0 update patch notes

  • Newly Added RequestsNew requests you can enjoy after viewing the game’s end credits have been added.* Some of these requests will task you with surveying occurrences of the mysterious Massive Mass Outbreak phenomenon, in which simultaneous mass outbreaks of Pokémon occur throughout an area of the Hisui region. You can keep enjoying Massive Mass Outbreaks even after completing the related requests.*If you’re using a save data in which you’ve have already viewed the game’s end credits, you can enjoy post-credits content immediately after updating the game.
  • The Newly Added Eternal Battle ReverieAfter viewing the game’s end credits and completing all of the requests added in this update, you will be able to access the Eternal Battle Reverie. In the Eternal Battle Reverie, you’ll be able to meet Arceus in your dreams and attempt a test of strength. Hone your Pokémon battle skills and see how long of a win streak you can earn.
  • New Battles Added to the Training GroundsAfter completing all the new requests regarding Massive Mass Outbreaks, you’ll be able to participate in the Path of Solitude or the Path of Tenacity at the Jubilife Village training grounds.* In the Path of Solitude, you must choose one Pokémon to use in a difficult battle tailored to that specific Pokémon. When you complete one of these battles, your Pokédex will be updated with a new mark.In the Path of Tenacity, you will be able to enjoy battling the wardens and other characters you met during your journey.*To participate in all Path of Tenacity battles, you will have to complete several newly added requests in addition to those pertaining to Massive Mass Outbreaks.
  • New Features Added to the Photography StudioOnce you complete the new requests mentioned above, people that you’ve met during your travels will come visit the photography studio, and you will be able to take photographs with them.
  • New High-Difficulty Balloon Race Added to Coronet HighlandsAfter completing all the requests added in this update, you can try your hand at a new balloon race challenge in the Coronet Highlands. Utilize the various Pokémon you can ride and aim to complete the challenge.
  • An Additional Special Berry Harvest at the Farm in Jubilife VillageYou can now request a new special Berry harvest at the Jubilife Village fields and grow Berries that you previously could not.
  • Changes to the Function of the Ginkgo GuildWhen you buy items from Ginter at the Ginkgo Guild cart in Jubilife Village, you will now have several options to choose from.
  • Other Update Details
    • We have fixed an issue that kept players from advancing the mission “The Plate of Moonview Arena” if they took a specific action within that mission.
    • We have fixed an issue in which under certain conditions, the weather could become stuck in one state.
    • A number of other issues have also been fixed in order to improve your gameplay experience.
Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon day password

Pokemon Legends: Arceus free Poke balls celebration gift code

You can claim 30 each of Ultra Balls, Gigaton Balls, and Jet Balls for Pokemon Day by entering the ARCEUSADVENTURE password from now until March 31, 2022.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out now for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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