Pokemon Masters for Android and iOS is out this Summer. It’s a game from The Pokemon Company and Dena featuring trainers throughout the series such as Brock, Misty, and Blue. The game will feature real-time battles too. Dena dropped some details regarding Pokemon Masters’ setting. It takes place on an artificial island called Pasio. Players are competing in a tournament on the island. Gameplay in Pokemon Masters has each player paired with a Pokemon and they group with other pairs for three versus three battles.

You can check out the Pokemon Masters presentation below.

Pokemon and trainers can use abilities that have cooldowns instead of traditional turn-based combat we’ve seen in past games.

Pokemon Masters isn’t the only Pokemon-related project in the works. There’s Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch as well as a new Detective Pikachu game as well in addition to existing titles like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Quest, ensuring fans of all ages and skill levels are taken care of.

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