At the Marvelous Game Showcase 2023, Xseed Games and Marvelous revealed a brand-new IP tentatively titled Project Life is RPG. This project is in development for unannounced platforms and features director Ittetsu Suzuki talking about the team’s plans in the reveal. This game is built around the theme of “Life” and aims to go back to influential RPGs from Japanese developers. The studio wants to make an original game that all RPG fans enjoy. Watch the reveal from 12:00 into the video below:

Marvelous Game Showcase 2023 full announcements list

Every announcement from the showcase is here. The showcase had trailers, concept art, some gameplay, and more from the following games with platforms yet to be announced:

  • New Fashion Dreamer footage
  • Loop8 update
  • Rune Factory 6
  • Rune Factory: Project Dragon
  • Project Magia
  • Project Life is RPG
  • Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion
  • New Story of Seasons game
  • New Story of Seasons multiplayer game

I’m interested to see more of this project. Marvelous clearly has a lot in the works. It is going to be interesting to see what platforms are revealed for this IP. I assume it will be on Switch and PC at a minimum. We we learn more from it in the future.

Project Life is RPG is in development for un announced platforms at Marvelous.

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