Live Wire and Treasure just announced (via Gematsu) that the strategic shoot ’em up Radiant Silvergun will be coming to Steam on August 18. Radiant Silvergun released in arcades in 1998 before seeing a Western release in 2011 on Xbox 360. It was then ported to Switch in September last year. This will be the first time Radiant Silvergun is on PC officially. I’m interested to see what Live Wire brings to PC following the Radiant Silvergun Steam release date. Watch the Radiant Silvergun Switch trailer below:

Radiant Silvergun gameplay features

The following is from the Steam page:

  • Score system specialized for the origin of shooting games
  • Weapons that level up as you defeat enemies
  • 5 difficulty levels for beginners to enjoy
  • Story mode with a strong message
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Sound that colors the game world by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.
  • Game mode with the rules of “Ikaruga,” the second installment of Project RS.
  • Online ranking to compete with rivals from around the world.

Radiant Silvergun story

The official story from Live Wire is below:

July 14, 2520 AD: The light emitted by a “stone-like object” excavated from the strata of B.C. enveloped the earth, destroying the human race. Only the four crew members of the space cruiser TETRA and one robonoid barely escaped into satellite orbit. One year later. The TETRA is forced to re-enter the atmosphere because the ship’s supplies have finally been depleted. The battle for the survival of the TETRA begins.

Radiant Silvergun launches on August 18 for PC via Steam. Wishlist it here.

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