With Resident Evil 3 Remake retail copies out in the wild, it appears that the game’s trophy list has leaked as well. According to trophy guide site PowerPyx (via PlayStationLifeStyle.net) there are 33 trophies including the Resident Evil 3 Remake platinum trophy. In order to obtain all trophies, you’ll need to finish the game in hardcore mode too. Since this list originates from sources that are far from official, certain trophy details are unknown at this juncture. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to get into the Resident Evil 3 Remake cold, you should stop reading. The following list contains spoilers.

Resident Evil 3 Remake trophy list

  • Farewell Raccoon City (platinum) – obtain all trophies
  • Hard Awakening (bronze) – escape from Jill’s building
  • Go ahead, in the metro (bronze) – escape from the residential area of Raccoon City
  • Change of scenery (bronze) – leave downtown Raccoon City
  • A Little Space (bronze) – increase inventory capacity
  • Let It Go (silver) – push Nemesis to abandon an object
  • Backfire (bronze) – defeat Nemesis on the roof
  • The Power of Gems (silver) – place all of the gems in the metro station clock
  • Emergency Call (bronze) – leave the police station
  • Breaking Brad (bronze) – kill Brad
  • Hidden Trophy (silver) – hidden description
  • I don’t know what I have (bronze) – leave the square of the clock tower
  • Near the Danger (bronze) – follow Nicholai into the depths of the installation
  • The Flower with Fuses (silver) – collect all the fuses in the hangar in less than five minutes
  • Nemesis, the Return (bronze) – defeat Nemesis in its second form
  • Nemesis, the Return of Revival (bronze) – defeat Nemesis in its third form
  • Hidden Trophy (silver) – Hidden Description
  • Fuuusion! (bronze) – make an item
  • Is It Approved? (bronze) – upgrade a weapon
  • GI Jill (silver) – complete the game in hardcore mode or higher
  • Hidden Trophy (silver) – Hidden Description
  • Sensational (gold) – complete the game with S-Rank
  • Pandora’s Box (silver) – complete the game without opening an item chest
  • Saturated Emergencies (bronze) – resist the horde of zombies
  • Hello Charlie! (bronze) – destroy a Charlie figurine
  • Double Cut (silver) – defeat two enemies with a single shot
  • All Seen, All Read (silver) – read all story documents
  • Hidden Trophy (silver) – Hidden Description
  • Traveling Arsenal (bronze) – obtain all available weapons in the campaign
  • Open Sesame (silver) – open all safes, lockers, and locks
  • Tonic Jill (silver) – complete the game in normal mode or higher
  • You’re Not Bad! (silver) – complete the game without using more than one healing item
  • Parked in Double File (silver) – complete the game in less than two hours
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