Sega’s action-drama adventure Sakura Wars for the PS4 just got its first update. The Sakura Wars day one patch or Sakura Wars v1.01 patch as it’s officially known has a 1.467GB download size and is available now. It adds a host of new features to the game such as a lock on system for combat, the ability to view logs in the game’s Adventure sections, and take screenshots or capture video from Chapter 5 onwards, which was missing pre-release. Here’s what you need to know.

Sakura Wars v1.01 patch notes

  • Adventure: added L2 recenter camera function (you can still reset the camera with R3 in Adventure)
  • Events: added the ability to view the conversation logs. You can view logs in the settings when you pause during an event. Conversation logs will be reset. Added the ability to skip events during a first playthrough.
  • Battle: adjusted enemy movements and hit boxes when they take damage. Added ‘Enemy Location: in the interface during battle. You can choose to show/hide ‘Enemy Locations’ in settings. Adjusted the movements of teammates. Increased the support when retrying the Combat Revue World Games (chapter 3 and 5). Adjusted battle camera movements. Added a lock on feature. You can lock on or off with R3 and recenter the camera with L2. You can adjust the lock on and battle camera functions in the settings.
  • Options: added ‘Save’ and ‘Load’, ‘Kamiyama’s Event Voice’, ‘Battle Control Preset’, ‘Enemy Location’, ‘Auto Switch Targets’, ‘Auto Attack Capture’, ‘Rear Battle Camera’ to settings. Added ‘6’ and ‘7’ to ‘Adventure Camera Speed’ settings.
  • Koi-Koi Wars: increased amount of mon earned on winning a bttle. Adjusted opponent’s default mon when battling for the first time in Showdown. Adjusted the amount of mon to match opponent’s when battling. Changed ‘Rematch +10 mon’ to ‘Pay mon for a rematch’ during practice matches. Added ‘Pay mon for a rematch’ feature in Showdown.
  • Other: added ability to play missions for ‘Type-3 Kobu: Sakura’ and ‘Prototype Obu: Sakura’ as ‘Mugen: Sakura Amamiya’ in Battle Bot. Changed tutorial explanations. Removed blocked scenes from the Share function.
  • Fixed bugs: adjusted issues to better stabilise the game. Fixed issue where settings for inverting X and Y axes did not take effect when aiming with Claris’ or Anastasia’s special attacks. Several other issues have been fixes to improve the gameplay experience.

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