ININ Games just announced that it is bringing Taito’s Japan-only 2D side-scroller Spica Adventure to the West on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox platforms. A Spica Adventure physical release is also planned for PS5, PS4, and Switch with pre-orders going live this November. The digital release for all platforms is coming 2024. I’ve never played this one before, but I’m always happy to see Western releases of Japanese-only games. Watch the Spica Adventure announcement trailer from ININ Games below:

Spica Adventure physical release

ININ Games is doing a Spica Adventure physical release on PS5, PS4, and Switch in the West. The Xbox version will be digital-only.

Spica Adventure gameplay screenshots

Check out the screenshots in the gallery below:

Spica Adventure features

  • Nostalgic 2D side-scrolling action with authentic TAITO arcade gameplay
  • The triumphant return of the Parasol Stars umbrella: versatile weapon, shield, and movement tool
  • Unique and charming retro pop art arcade aesthetics
  • Online leaderboards for competing with other players worldwide
  • Varied difficulty stages and mirrored levels for extended playtime and replay value
  • Unique music composed by TAITO’s music team, “Zuntata”
  • International debut and first-ever release on consoles

Check out the official Spica Adventure website here.

Spica Adventure from Taito and ININ Games is due spring 2024 in the West on PS5, PS4, Switch, and Xbox.

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