NIS America, PH3, and Falcom released Trails to Azure on PC earlier this month alongside the console versions. Trails to Azure originally debuted in Japan in 2011 on PSP as Ao no Kiseki before seeing a PS4 release a few years ago as Ao no Kiseki Kai. The PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Trails to Azure have been handled by PH3 just like Trails from Zero. I already reviewed Trails to Azure on both Switch and PC where it is superlative. Read my PC and Steam Deck review here and Switch review here. Valve’s testing initially marked Trails to Azure as unsupported because of save file importing. This was a very weird decision on Valve’s end given that Trails to Azure runs and plays better on Steam Deck than a majority of the ‘Verified’ titles. PH3 pushed out an update to allow this save importing to work on March 18. Since then Trails to Azure has been retested Valve and it is now Steam Deck Verified as of a few hours ago.

With Trails to Azure being Steam Deck Verified by Valve, and the recently released Japanese language version of Kuro no Kiseki also being Verified, ideally I’d be confident in Trails into Reverie getting Verified, but Valve’s decision relating to Azure a few weeks ago is still one of the weirdest decisions I’ve seen relating to a game’s compatibility on the platform.

If you’ve not gotten Trails to Azure yet, read my reviews and all other coverage here.

Trails to Azure is out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms worldwide.

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