The World Ends With You from Square Enix originally released on Nintendo DS and was one of the few games to make great use of both screens on the handheld. It was eventually ported to iOS before seeing an enhanced port on Nintendo Switch as The World Ends With You Final Remix. Over the weekend, Square Enix announced an anime titled The World Ends With You The Animation from Shin Ei Animation. Watch the teaser for the anime below:

Check out the official website here. It has been confirmed to be broadcast on Funimation but details for availability outside North America aren’t available right now. As of now, Funimation’s website doesn’t let you view anything in India. Hopefully this ends up on Netflix or Amazon Prime eventually so it is available to watch officially here. Watch the trailer for the Nintendo Switch game below:

The World Ends With You is now available on Nintendo DS. The World Ends With You Solo Remix is now available on iOS and Android. The World Ends With You Final Remix is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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