Updated on July 14, 2023 – Updated Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC guide to cover newest updates.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie from NIS America and Falcom is due next week for PS5, PS4, Switch, and Steam in the West. The PC port is being done by PH3 games while the Switch version is not. The PS4 version is Falcom’s release from Japan while I assume the PS5 version has been done by Engine Software, but I will update this if anything changes. When I covered Trails to Azure across platforms, I was curious about the Switch and PS5 versions of Trails into Reverie since they weren’t known quantities. Having played every version of Trails into Reverie over the last few weeks, I’m going to compare them in brief here for those who aren’t sure what platform to buy Falcom’s newest localized release on. This Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC will be spoiler free and only focus on screenshots from the early parts of the game.

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC – features

While Trails to Azure was best on Switch and PC thanks to the stellar conversions by PH3 and was lacking on PS4, Trails into Reverie is different. The PC version is easily the best thanks to PH3’s conversion, and all console versions are similar when it comes to the gameplay features. The PC version has better high-speed mode, a lot of small visual improvements that help even on lower-end systems, and the many visual and performance improvements. Trails into Reverie uses the PS5 Activity Cards feature to let you jump back into your latest save as well.

Note that there is no save transfer from the PS4 version to PS5 in Trails into Reverie.

Trails into Reverie PS5 Activity Cards support

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC – graphics

On the graphics side, the PC version is the best for sure thanks to many improvements to draw distance, shadows, higher quality minimap, and more. You also have a larger FOV option which can go quite a bit higher than the console versions. On the console side, the PS4 Pro and PS5 versions are quite close, but the PS5 version has better shadows, lighting, and is higher resolution. It isn’t a massive upgrade, but you will notice it if you play on a 4K display. Trails into Reverie on PS4 Pro feels closer to the PS4 Pro versions of recent Cold Steel games. When you see the comparison below, you might be wondering if something that requires zooming in to showcase is even worth mentioning, but the attention to detail that PH3 puts into PC conversions is always something I will highlight.

Trails into Reverie minimap on PC (left) vs PS5 (right) zoomed in and cropped

The Switch version of Trails of Cold Steel 4 wasn’t amazing, and it had quite a few visual downgrades compared to the PS4 version. Trails into Reverie on Switch in its current state is a bit more rough especially docked. If you play handheld only, it isn’t as bad, but I cannot recommend Trails into Reverie for docked play on Switch if you have literally any other platform with the game available. The difference between docked and handheld also isn’t much, with docked even using low resolution menus and interfaces which make the game look even worse while viewing tutorial windows. The major differences between docked and handheld are the former including a form of anti-aliasing and better shadows. The resolution seems same, which is disappointing, but expected after the recent Cold Steel ports.

Trails into Reverie PS5 (left) vs Switch docked (right)

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC performance – frame rate and load times

The PS4 Pro version and PS5 version target 60fps and don’t seem to have any issues maintaining it. The Switch version’s frame rate isn’t great. It fluctuates quite a bit and regularly drops well below 30fps even in the opening areas. Even in-engine cut-scenes don’t run well right now. I’m hoping this can be addressed in a patch that goes live in the near future. The PC version supports up to 360fps.

Trails into Reverie PC high-speed mode settings and other exclusive options

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC – high speed mode differences

The PC version lets you adjust the high-speed mode to be a button you toggle or hold while the console versions only have it as a toggle. I’ve always preferred this being a toggle, but more options are always better. You can change the speedup factor in exploration and battles from 2 to 6. On consoles, you can adjust only the speedup factor in battles from 2 to 4.

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4 – console differences

The PS4 (on PS5) and PS5 versions are pretty close overall, but the PS5 version does support much faster load times and PS5 Activity Cards to load your save directly. The eight directional movement on Switch has been addressed as of version 1.0.2 and it is now proper analog movement like on PC, PS5, and PS4. I’ve notified NIS America about the performance and visual issues remaining. Hopefully they can be fixed.

Trails into Reverie Nintendo Switch vs Steam Deck – which portable version to buy?

Not only would I recommend the Steam Deck version above the Switch version, but I’d go so far as to say Trails into Reverie on Steam Deck is my favorite way to play the game across all formats. It is a huge upgrade over the Switch version and also over the PlayStation version with its added high-speed options and attention to detail for visuals across the board. If you only play these kinds of games on a portable and don’t own a Steam Deck, the Switch version is fine.

Trails into Reverie on PS5 (left) vs PS4 played on a PS5 (right) cropped and scaled to show differences

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs PS4 – what upgrades does the PlayStation 5 version have?

As I mentioned above, the PS4 version (on PS5) and the native PS5 versions are quite close. With the native PS5 version you get better load times, shadows, higher resolution, and improved lighting in parts. It isn’t a massive upgrade like many other PS4 to PS5 games, but you will notice it if you play on a 4K display. The PS4 version on PS5 feels like the recent Cold Steel III and IV releases.

Trails into Reverie VR support on PS4 and PC

Only the PS4 and PC versions of Trails into Reverie have VR support. I don’t have a headset to test on either, but figured I’d make a note of that for those who are interested in the VR mode.

Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC – what to buy?

If you have access to all platforms, the PC version is the one to get for sure. I hope NIS America works with PH3 on the Switch version of Kuro no Kiseki because coming from the amazing Switch versions of the Crossbell games to this version of Trails into Reverie is quite the downgrade. The PS5 version is easily the best console version of the game so I’d go with that if you don’t care about portability and want the best possible experience on console. Just note that the PS4 and native PS5 version do not have save data transfer.

Hopefully my Trails into Reverie PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PC vs PS4 feature helped you decide where to buy the newest localized Falcom game. I’ll be covering the story and more in my full console review of the game coming in the near future.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie releases on July 7, 2023 for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the West. Check out the Steam page here.

Note: This feature has been updated to cover version 1.0.4 on Steam, 1.0.2 on Switch, and 1.003.000 on PS5.

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