Xbox Scarlett’s official name appears to be Xbox Series X. Revealed at The Game Awards 2019, Xbox Series X has more in common with an air purifier or Apple’s Airport Extreme than a game console in terms of industrial design. Microsoft also announced that the Xbox Series X controller will have a dedicated share button and have specifications that make it the firm’s “most powerful console ever”.

Xbox Series X specifications

  • Processor: custom-designed AMD Zen 2
  • GPU: Next-generation RDNA architecture Navi 2
  • Storage: SSD
  • Resolution and frame rate: 4K 60fps with support for 120fps and variable refresh rate as well as 8K capability

While these are just a sliver of the console’s entire spec sheet, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft executes in terms of OS and the overall user experience. Despite being the most powerful console this generation, the Xbox One X’s menus and user experience was far from fluid compared to the PS4.

Xbox Series X features

Microsoft also stated that it would be minimising latency with tech like Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the most responsive console ever. It’s no surprise that Project xCloud will be a part of Xbox Series X with “unique capabilities built into the hardware and software to make it easy” to bring games to the console and other devices.

Xbox Series X release date

While a nebulous “Holidays 2020” release window was teased, if we go by past Xbox console releases, November is definitely when you could expect it to hit store shelves the world over. Just don’t count on an India release at the same time as the rest of the world given Microsoft India’s atrocious track record of late. You can check out the Xbox Series X trailer right here.

We won’t be surprised to see Xbox Series X refer to more than one console. More so with the rumours of multiple next-gen Xbox consoles being primed for launch.

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