Sting just announced that the recently released enhanced version of tactical RPG Yggdra Union will be coming to Nintendo Switch in English on the eShop in North America and Europe later this month. Yggdra Union debuted on Game Boy Advance before seeing a PSP release. Atlus West (Atlus USA back then) localized it in North America. Yggdra Union has been available in the West on Steam through an early access release, and it will leave early access (via Noisy Pixel) while launching on Switch on July 27. Watch the Steam trailer below:

Yggdra Union new features for Nintendo Switch and PC

New features are below:

  • Added a rewind function (you can undo your actions as much as you like)
  • Added auto save function (Even if you quit midway, you can start from your favorite turn)
  • Added conversation log function
  • Added item hints to EXTRA content (Hints are given on which stage the item is on)
  • Addition of battle speed adjustment function (you can play at up to 5 times speed from the beginning)
  • The unit [Flunky] will participate under certain conditions! (What if Flunky achieved results in the first stage…?)
  • Sound set function! (You can play by choosing from 3 types of sound sources)

Yggdra Union trick functions

  • A function that makes Milanor look like Cruz (Milanor will play an active role as a hunter)
  • Enemy/Allies no critical function
  • Skill gauge MAX at the start of battle (skill gauge starts at MAX state only for own army)
  • Formation type reversal function (Male and female formation types are reversed)
  • The trick function is to press a specific button appear. The appearance method is described in the manual.

Yggdra Union new features for PC

  • Japanese voice / English voice can be switched (easy to switch at any time during the event)
  • Addition of free save (You can now save freely during battle)
  • Infinite use of items in EASY mode (Items can now be used indefinitely only in EASY mode)
  • Equipment removal (equipment can now be removed in the middle)
  • Adjustment of Itmbreak (weapon does not break with Itembreak and is unusable)
  • Completely compatible with in-game mouse/keyboard/controller
  • You can adjust the layout of the keyboard buttons.

Yggdra Union is out now on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Japan. It is out worldwide on Steam and will be released on July 27 worldwide for Nintendo Switch digitally. Check it out here on the eShop and here on Steam.

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