Updated on July 14, 2020 at 6:32 PM – Edited price to reflect the new price on the website.

The LEGO Group and Nintendo just announced the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. After previously announcing LEGO Super Mario, the two companies are collaborating for something bigger and more interesting with the LEGO NES. The LEGO NES releases on August 1 worldwide for $229.99 with 2,646 pieces included in the box. This set even includes movable parts to replicate the experience of the original Super Mario Brothers on an old TV. Watch the trailer below:

This set includes pieces to make everything shown in the video above and is one of the more authentic looking sets in recent years. If you use the bluetooth-enabled Mario figure from the LEGO Super Mario set, you can even add sound effects. As of now, an India release hasn’t been announced and it likely will not release here anytime soon thanks to the lockdown. When it does show up, expect a higher price given how expensive LEGO sets are locally compared to abroad.

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is out on August 1 for $299.99.

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