No More Heroes 3 from Grasshopper Manufacture is finally available worldwide on Nintendo Switch after a long wait which has been more than worth it. Read my review of it here. If you’ve been waiting for the game like everyone who played No More Heroes and Travis Strikes Again over the years, you can now buy No More Heroes 3 worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

If you’re planning on getting it or just bought it, check out my tips and tricks here to get the most out of the opening hours. Make sure to also download the No More Heroes 3 day one patch before playing. If you have played the No More Heroes games or Travis Strikes Again on Nintendo Switch, you can unlock a bonus in No More Heroes 3. Read about that here.

No More Heroes 3 India release date

As of now, no retailer has listed it for release at retail in India but hopefully it does show up through import stores in the near future.

No More Heroes 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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