Updated on October 10, 2022 at 8:00 PM – No More Heroes 3 tips and tricks guide updated for new platforms release following Nintendo Switch debut.

No More Heroes 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch worldwide and it is an ambitious and fantastic game by Grasshopper Manufacture with a few flaws. Read my review here. Whether this is your first No More Heroes game or you’re a veteran player who has experienced a lot of Suda51’s Kill the Past series, these tips will help you out in the early hours of No More Heroes 3. Here’s what you need to know.

How to save in No More Heroes 3

You can save at any toilet in No More Heroes 3. These are usually positioned before you face off in boss battles as well. After boss battles (Ranked Matches), you are told to save and go back home to the motel directly.

How to unlock more save points in No More Heroes 3

You can unlock more save points by cleaning up clogged toilets in No More Heroes 3. You can do these by positioning the left analog stick and then using the right stick (or Joy-Con) to unclog said toilet. There are many toilets spread across the map for you to unlock.

How to fast travel in No More Heroes 3

Once you reach a new area in No More Heroes 3 by driving there, you can fast travel to said area. You can do this by pressing “-” and then pressing Y to use the “FAST TRAVEL SERVICE”. You can travel to any previously unlocked area through this.

No More Heroes 3 difficulty options explained

No More Heroes 3 has 3 difficulty options when you begin a new game and an unlockable one. Berry Sweet is the easy mode. Bitter is the normal mode. Spicy is hard mode. The unlockable difficulty is a harder mode.

How to make the camera more responsive in No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3’s camera is much better than prior games but you should adjust the sensitivity to your liking from the “Camera Settings” under options. I set it to 5 (maximum) and it was a much better experience.

How to heal during combat in No More Heroes 3

You can heal by eating sushi you’ve bought in No More Heroes 3. Cycle through the sushi you have on-hand by pressing left or right on the d-pad and then press up to eat said sushi.

How to prepare for boss battles in No More Heroes 3

The best way to prepare for boss battles is upgrading your skills in the lab below your house and then buying sushi for use in battles. Once you’ve upgraded your own stats like attack or unlocked more skills, it is worth looking at customizing the Death Glove chips which I will explain below.

How to earn money fast in No More Heroes 3

You earn money through designated matches (mandatory fights) and getting good rankings in said matches, but you can earn a lot more by doing volunteer work across the map. This ranges from mowing the lawn, cleaning up trash, finding scorpions, and more.

How to unlock new skills and abilities in No More Heroes 3

As you progress in the story, you unlock WESN (World’s End Super Nova) which is a currency used to upgrade your own stats and unlock new skills. You can earn this through battles and through the mining mini-game. You upgrade at the Power Up Machine at Dr. Naomi’s lab. You can re-spec or re-adjust these by paying a small fee and get all the WESN back as well if you aren’t happy with an upgrade you just unlocked.

How to unlock new t-shirts in No More Heroes 3

You unlock t-shirts by progressing through the story and by fulfilling various tasks across the map. There are NPCs called “T-shirt aliens” that can sell you or reward you with t-shirts when you fulfill certain requirements.

How to challenge previous bosses again in No More Heroes 3

In Dr. Naomi’s lab, you can access the time machine to challenge previous bosses (rankers). You can also set the difficulty higher to unlock more rewards here.

No More Heroes 3 Death Glove Chips explained

Dr. Naomi’s lab has a supercomputer where you can use materials earned through battles to craft Death Glove Chips. These give you specific buffs and debuffs during battles. Mix and match them to customize your playstyle. They range from health and attack boosts to increased tension or even the ability to find collectibles easier when equipped.

How to create and equip Death Glove Chips

You can create and equip Death Glove Chips at the supercomputer in Dr. Naomi’s lab under your house.

Where to buy items in No More Heroes 3

You can buy items (sushi) at DonMai Sushi (sushi stands) all over the map. 

No More Heroes 3 combat basics

No More Heroes 3 combat revolves around the Beam Katana. You have a light and heavy attack, the ability to dodge and jump, and Death Glove skills. As you attack and deal damage, you will get a Killer Slash prompt which is a large red arrow. Move the joy-con (or right analog stick) in that direction to finish off said enemy.

How to charge Beam Katana in No More Heroes 3

As you use your Beam Katana, you run out of charge. You can use the right stick (or right Joy-Con) and move it up and down to recharge your Beam Katana.

How to use wrestling moves in No More Heroes 3

If you stun an enemy (stars on their head) press ZR to initiate the wrestling quick-time-event and then follow the prompts to suplex (and more) foes.

No More Heroes 3 slash reel explained

Once you pull off a successful Killer Slash or take down a foe, you will see the Slash Reel spinning. This gives you special bonuses like recharging your Beam Katana, Full Armor mode, WESN, Uc currency, and more.

How to get full armor mode in No More Heroes 3

If you get 777 on the Slash Reel, you unlock Full Armor Mode as a special bonus. You can then press L+R to activate it and launch multi-missiles on foes by aiming. You can also use Full Armor Travis in space to shoot lasers when your charge meter is full with your Megadeath Particle Cannon. Full Armor Travis is super fun to use so make sure you take advantage of that in encounters where you have Full Armor unlocked.

How to perfect dodge in No More Heroes 3

When an enemy attack is just about to land, press A at the right time to slow down time. This is a perfect dodge. You can use this to deal serious damage to enemies and unleash wrestling moves.

No More Heroes 3 boss fight tips 

Barring preparing for fights by buying items and eating sushi, learning and understanding boss patterns is important. Don’t feel ashamed or retrying right after a defeat because some of the bosses are quite difficult across phases and patterns. Just remember that you should try and save Full Armor mode for the ending or final phase of a fight.

No More Heroes 3 volunteer missions explained

Volunteer missions are what you do to earn more currency and to help people in No More Heroes 3. These range from NPCs who need help to various icons scattered across the map with things for you to do.

How to unlock new volunteer missions in No More Heroes 3

As you complete the first level in a specific volunteer mission, more will unlock at the same point in the form of higher difficulty missions. 

What happens when you die in No More Heroes 3

When you die, you get to roll for a buff in a spinning wheel before resuming from the checkpoint. 

Hopefully these help you out in the early hours of this amazing game. 

No More Heroes 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam worldwide.

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