Splatoon 3 finally launched in September last year and it is the best Splatoon game yet. If you’ve played Splatoon 2 before, check this out for save data bonus details and more. Today, Nintendo revealed the Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season release date, new additions, challenges, cards, and more. Watch the Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season gameplay trailer below:

The Sizzle Season will also see Barnacle & Dime being added as a new stage, new main weapons, new challenges, new cards, a new Salmon Run Stage, and more.

I’m glad to see Nintendo support Splatoon 3 this much. I hope we see it get supported long into 2024 as well with paid DLC still planned for the game this year. Check out the official Splatoon 3 website here for more information around the game including screenshots and gameplay. Details for all the Splatoon 3 updates including recent patches are here on the official Nintendo Support website.

Splatoon 3 May 2023 update patch notes

The most recent update from May 1, 2023 is below:

Changes to Splatfests

  • Data relating to future Splatfests has been added.
  • Adjusted things like screen brightness and ink coloring on stages during Splatfests.

In addition to adding data relating to future Splatfests, we released this update to adjust how stages look during Splatfests. Please note that we plan on making further changes to ink coloring when using Color Lock in the next update.

The next update is scheduled to be released at the end of the current season. It will focus primarily on balance adjustments and adding features for the new season starting in June.

Fixes to Multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where players who Super Jumped to a player who was using a Zipcaster would sometimes land in an unintended location.

Fixes to Salmon Run

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the game to crash at the start of a special wave in rare cases.

Fixes to Splatfests

  • Fixed an issue where the music and performances in Splatsville and Inkopolis during a Splatfest would become out of sync if the main menu was open for a long time.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where edits to a player’s locker would be canceled if the player was editing during a schedule transition.

Note: Compatible with Ver. 3.1.0 battle replays. Not compatible with Ver. 3.0.1 or earlier battle replays.

Splatoon 3 is out now worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

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