Once you finish Xenoblade Chronicless: Definitive Edition, you can either load the save file to continue playing from before the final point of no return or start a new game plus game. If you continue playing, your save file will have a ‘clear’ symbol on it denoting that you have finished the game on that save file. If you select new game plus, you need to know what carries over. Please note that this contains spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicless: Definitive Edition’s base game story.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition New Game Plus contents list

All of your party members’ abilities can be carried over. Some items can be carried over while some cannot. Items equipped when the game is cleared are automatically carried over. Barring key items, some other things also do not carry over.

  • Levels: Your levels are carried over making all the encounters a breeze. You can tweak this with Expert Mode if you’d like more of a challenge.
  • Arts: Carried over. This will let you try out new combat strategies with new arts or just be overpowered with your old powerful upgraded arts.
  • Party Affinity: Carried over.
  • Money: Carried over.
  • Key Items: Cannot be carried over for story reasons.
  • Achievement Records: Carried over. This helps you when you attempt to complete the remaining achievements.
  • Affinity Chart: Cannot be carried over.
  • Achievement Trials: Cannot be carried over.
  • Quests: Cannot be carried over.
  • Shulk’s Monado: Shulk now holds the True Monado so he will not receive the Monado again in subsequent playthroughs.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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